Portfolio: Corporate and Marketing

01-8E4T3081- Scrambling to Depart (Ground Level)02-1D_12429_LR_Pacifico Beer03-IMG_8933_LR-Blue Canyon Grill, Golden, CO04-1D_69262-Eyes of The World, interior05-1D_69344-Optometrist exam room06-IMG_2967-Feet, shoes and tile floor07-1D_48461-Ski Superpipe, Dew Tour Breckenridge08-IMG_4229-Invesco Field at Mile High, aerial09-IMG_6649-Jefferson County, Colorado Taj Mahal10-IMG_3373-Denver International Airport Terminal, aerial11-01-1D_69608-Corporate Headshot12-IMG_9649-James Einolf Gibson L-013-IMG_0413-James Einolf, Luthier14-IMG_0238-Chisel and plane15-IMG_0782- Auto fender16-1Ds_1305-Boys Fishing, Our Town, Golden, CO17-1D_50478-optometrist18-IMG_4305-Funny Cars, Bandimere Speedway19-IMG_9859-Mrs. Q, sculpture by Doris Warner20-IMG_0554-Westminster, Colorado aerial21-IMG_7035-Bridge at night, Guilin, China22-IMG_1333_F-Stop Tilopa BC on Mt. Sniktau, CO23-1D_67855-MV Explorer Medical Staff, Fall 201124-1D_57296-iris, closeup


List of recent clients:

CoorsTek, Inc.
McPherson Architecture
Sensera Systems
Edge Publications
Pelican Publications
Teammates Commercial Interiors
Porcaro Advertising
Atlas Tower
FBO Partners
Colorado School of Mines
The Fretboard Journal
Glasshouse Images
Xcellent Creations
Monarch Investments
AC Golden Brewing
Onsager, Staelin & Guyerson LLC
Golden Police Department
Golden Parks & Recreation
Golden Fire Department
State Farm Insurance
Einolf Guitars
Eyes of the World
Fleetmaster Express
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen
Avenue Vision
Los Angeles Times
24/7 Media LLC, DK Publishing