Golden Marlins Swim Team Images

Below please find images of Golden Marlins swimmers over the last several years (prior years have been archived, sorry). Please note that I make every effort to capture as many swimmers as possible for the meets that I attend, and apologies if there are gaps in my coverage. Please feel free to email me with any questions.


5/30/15: Marlins at Applewood Knolls

6/6/15: AAC & Genesee at Golden Marlins

6/26/15: Ken Caryl Invitational

6/28/15: AAC Pentathlon

7/11/15: Stingrays at Golden Marlins

7/18/15: FSA League, Day One

7/19/15: FSA League, Day Two

2015 ‘Team Goofy’ Image


5/31/14: Golden Marlins at Columbine Knolls

6/7/14: Green Mountain at Golden Marlins


2013 Golden Marlins Swim Team Images


2012 Golden Marlins Swim Team Images