Golden High School 2016 MTB Team images

Below you can find links to all images I’ve captured of G.H.S. MTB Team riders during the 2016 season. I try very hard to capture every last racer on the course every day that I shoot for the League, so apologies if I missed one or two, or if you/your kid(s) have fewer pictures than others may have (mine, for example ;). I have not edited these, but have chosen to include virtually all in-focus images so that you can use them to assess your riders skills and progress on the bike.



8/27/16 Race #1: Frisco, CO

9/11/16 Race #2: Leadville, CO

9/24/16 Race #3: Granby, CO

10/9/16 Race #4: Nathrop, CO North Conference Championships

10/23/16 Race #5: Eagle, CO State Championships