8/21/17: Solar Eclipse from Rattlesnake Canyon, WY

Got to experience my first total solar eclipse today, and I now know why people travel around the world to see them. Although it ended up being clear throughout central CO and western NE, I had chosen to go west of Casper due to the cloud coverage forecast being more favorable than NE. 

Quite an experience, there’s really no way to describe it, and, honestly, pictures are not worth a thousand words in this case. One because I bordered on speechless, and two, because pictures do not do it justice. Anyway, I’m sitting in a gravel parking lot in Douglas, WY after I-25 came to a screeching halt, so thought I’d get a few pics out while I thought about what to do. 



Here we go!


Approaching totality.


Sun’s corona at totality, 8/21/17.




You can actually see some of the sun’s atmosphere in this image.


Not sure what the arc is from; if it’s lens aberration, I’ve never seen one like it.



Interesting effects as the sun emerged from behind the moon after totality.


iPhone pano during totality.