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12/22/16: post of ‘SuperMoon’ image

Fortunately this time it didn’t take 4 months to learn that again picked up an image of mine, in this case, the recent TerraLapse composite of the Nov 2016 SuperMoon rising over the Denver skyline:


3/17/14: ‘Living in Golden’ feature

The Spring 2014 ‘Living in Golden’ lifestyle magazine featured some images of mine, and should be out on racks soon:










3/7/14: post of ‘Tribute’ image

This morning I was alerted to the fact that published one of my images back in November. It was the star trail composite of the ‘Tribute Hike’ lights meandering down a Loveland Pass ridge line.

The link to the page:

This image set in motion a lot of things for me, not the least of which was the decision to continue to develop my TerraLapse image techniques (using image stackingtechniques via Photoshop normally used for astrophotography, sometimes called timestacking).


4/8/13: Double Encore and Xcellent Creations merger

I recently completed a project of corporate headshots for two Denver mobile app developers, Double Encore and Xcellent Creations. With 42 employees combining under the Double Encore branding, the company intends to be a top-choice partner for leading brands, with clients like Major League Soccer, JetBlue, and iBike.

Prior to their merger becoming public knowledge, I went to each company’s office and photographed all employees, duplicating the lighting and background so that all images could be utilized in their new website,, which was launched on March 26, 2013. Images can be found on both their Leadership and Team pages, a screengrab of which is contained below:



2/13/13: Golden’s Re•Create Mailer

One of my images from last summer’s Dash at the Splash showed up on the cover of Golden Parks & Recreation Department’s Re•Create mailer (Golden Community Center’s Activity Guide, PDF version available here), which arrived in our mailbox today. Four additional images are on Page 4, including one Golden Marlins swimmer we know well. The 2013 Dash at the Splash will be held Saturday, August 17th, with registration open on June 3rd.

Fun stuff, as you can see… :)

Golden Recreate Spring/Summer 2013 cover

Golden Recreate Spring/Summer 2013 cover

3/9/12: Accepted by NYC Agency: Glasshouse Images

I’m pleased to announce I’m now represented by a photo agency in New York City, Glasshouse Images, a boutique stock photo and representation agency that caters to “a select group of creatives who are always on the look out for exceptional and distinctive imagery”.

If you’re interested, the first batch of images they selected can be found here:

Glasshouse Porfolio: Jeff Warner

Glasshouse is not your typical ‘cents-on-the-dollar’ stock agency so commonplace today, and I’m thrilled that they considered my images to be worthy of presentation to their clients.