3/9/17: Fire on South Table Mountain, Golden, CO

Time-lapse video of two hours of last night’s fire on South Table Mountain, from 9:14 to 11:13 PM:




And a few images of the fire’s progression:

Fire on South Table Mtn. 3/9/17, 6:05 PM.


Fire jumps up to the top of South Table Mtn., 3/9/17, 6:31 PM.


Firefighting vehicles arrive on top of ridegline, South Table Mtn., 3/9/17, 6:39 PM.


Large flareup at base of South Table Mtn. near 32nd Ave. (note fire on top has been extinguished), 3/9/17, 8:45 PM.


Fire rapidly spreading toward the west on South Table Mtn. 3/9/17, 8:45 PM.


Fire on South Table Mtn. on 3/9/17, 8:50 PM.


TerraLapse composite image of 2 hours 59 minutes of the fire on S. Table Mtn, 3/9/17.