9/27/15: SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse from Golden, CO

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for tonight’s somewhat rare SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse, but I made do with what I had (can you say: clouds and murky atmosphere?).


5 hours and 13 minutes of the SuperMoon Eclipse over Golden, CO. [9/27/15 1921-0034 hrs MDT.]


Closeup of eclipse sequence.


Supermoon rises over South Table Mtn., Golden, CO.


The height of the eclipse, referred to as ‘The Blood Moon’.


Few parking spaces caused a constant flow of traffic up/down Lookout Mtn. during the eclipse.


Left image taken 9/26/15, right image taken toward end of eclipse on 9/27 (notice difference in clarity of air, right image shows a piece of space junk or satellite floating in front of moon).


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  1. Judy Warner October 10, 2015 at 08:38 #

    Thank you for these images. I thought of you as I watched the beautiful moon that night and was hoping you had clear skies for your photography. Beautiful work, as usual!