4/3/13: TerraLapse images from Tulum, Mexico

Many of you know I’ve been moving forward with a significant new project that hopefully will consume my time well into the future. Last fall I discovered (by ‘happy accident‘) an unusual application of an image compositing technique typically used in astrophotography circles to ‘stack’ images. Applying the technique to daylight imagery is something I hadn’t observed out on the web, but I immediately understood the vast potential for using time-lapse sequences to create an image of an interval of time. I knew that the images produced would be both unique and striking, and have been endeavoring to refine various aspects of the technique ever since. Here are three images from Mexico using my TerraLapse technique, in addition to one long-exposure night image of Maya Jardin, our home base for the week.

Feel free to check out this gallery of additional TerraLapse images. More to come…


TerraLapse image of the mayan ruins of Pyramid El Castillo, Tulum, Mexico



TerraLapse image of Soliman Bay, Mexico.


Maya Jardin, Soliman Bay, Mexico

TerraLapse image of Maya Jardin on Soliman Bay, Mexico.


Maya Jardin, Soliman Bay, Mexico

Long exposure night image of Maya Jardin, Soliman Bay, Mexico.