11/13/12: Mt. Sniktau ascent

Today marked my season’s first ascent of a mountain in winter conditions. As it’s not strictly winter yet, it really can’t be called a winter ascent, but Mt. Sniktau (13,219′ msl) was a cold and grizzled world this morning. Temps started around 15 degrees at Loveland Pass, and only climbed to 21 by the afternoon. Winds were only 10-15 gusting to 30, so it wasn’t so bad, at least compared to what it is often like 1000′ feet above the pass. The clouds parted during the latter part of my hike up toward Cupid (13,117′ msl), and I ended up with about 5.1 miles and 2800′ of ascent.

Ready for winter…


Descending from Mt. Sniktau, 11/13/12