ISS/Perseids over Loveland Pass: Prints available

I’ve had inquiries regarding obtaining print(s) of the ISS transit image from Sunday night, so I spent some time this morning compositing 9 minutes worth of the timelapse captures into one image which shows the International Space Station’s complete path until disappearance into the earth’s shadow. For a limited time, I’m making available two versions of the image in 12×18″ size in Standout Mount (mounted on 3/4″ foam with black edge; does not require framing and is a similar cost to typical aluminum semi-custom framing).

The first version has a white with the subject and date/time ($100):


ISS Transit print, standout mount 12x18"

ISS Transit print, white border/text, standout mount 12×18″ ($100)



The second version has no border ($140):


ISS Transit print, no border, standout mount 12x18" ($140)

ISS Transit print, no border, standout mount 12×18″ ($140)


These are the only sizes/mounting options offered at this time. If you’d like to order, see below (please, only order either of these two products even though other sizes/options are listed). You can pay by CC or PayPal, and images will be printed, mounted, and sent directly to your home (shipping is $10).